India Masala - Authentic Indian Cuisine

INDIA MASALA Restaurant invites you on a culinary journey to India. The diversity of Indian cuisine, prepared in our restaurant will cater to the tastes of anyone looking for a new culinary experience.

In our menu card you will find a wealth of Indian dishes from various regions of India, ranging from the milder dishes of the northern part of the country, ending with very sharp dishes such as Vindaloo, typical for the region of Goa.

Our chefs from India, specialize in dishes prepared in a tandoor oven. This is a clay oven in the shape of the jar and the food prepared in it has a unique flavor and aroma. Marinated meats are pre-baked from the outside while remaining soft and juicy inside, and the bread is very crisp. These dishes are called tandoori.

In our kitchen we use only fresh vegetables and meat, less processed ingredients and a wealth of Indian spices, such as cardamom, cumin, turmeric, curry leaves, coriander leaves, chilli, fenugreek and many others. Our chefs use a special blend of spices – MASALA, composed especially for you, dear guests.

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